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    The Hyssongs

  It takes much more than just a catchy tune and pretty packaging to make a song into a number one radio single. Radio charting takes diligent work, incredible music, and relationship building. The Hyssongs have made their mark on the southern gospel radio scene with not one, but five chart-topping singles.

“There Is a God” rose to the top of the charts for two consecutive months in the SGN Scoops radio charts for July and August 2020. It was also their fifth Singing News number-one single, topping the charts for September 2020. The song addresses the fact that, in this day and age, more people question the very existence of God. Richard shared, “As we travel and see the majesty of the mountains and the scenery and especially as we witness the miracle that brought healing to our daughter, there is no way to deny that “There Is a God.”

“Choose Life,” written by Michael Frost, topped the charts in both Singing News and SGN Scoops in September of 2019. Contrary to the implication in the title, this song is about much more than just choosing life for an unborn baby. Whether it’s suicide, abortion, or living for ourselves, our choices either point to the world or to Jesus. “Choose Life” is an uplifting song encouraging us all to keep our focus on the life Christ wants us to choose.

In February 2019, The Hyssongs rose to the top of the southern gospel radio charts with their single, “Run the Race,” penned by DeWayne Adcock. The message in this song is simple but poignant: Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Press on toward the goal. Even in the midst of this world filled with confusion and chaos, we must run the race to win the prize.

Chapel Valley hosted a congratulations party in February of 2018 in Knoxville, Tennessee when The Hyssongs celebrated their second consecutive #1 song on the Singing News charts! This powerful message is the answer to so many questions today because our answer is Jesus. Dell Hyssong shared, “We have sung many songs written by Shane Roark. They have all been great, but by far ‘I Tell Them Jesus,’ has made the most impact on our listeners. We believe Shane is one of the best songwriters in Gospel music today.”

In August of 2017, “Let the Hallelujahs Ring” became the first number-one single for The Hyssongs. Penned by Kenna West and Lee Black, this cheerful, upbeat worship song brought crowds to their feet. Richard said, “God has done so much in our lives, and we all have a story to share with others to let them know there is hope in Christ. While this world offers despair, our faith in God brings us hope no matter the outcome in each situation we face.”

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Congratulations to all of our Chapel Valley charting artists! We are so thrilled to see the music we make together reaching the nation, especially in the midst of many concerts being postponed or canceled. Please help us congratulate these artists on their radio charting success.

#53 – There Is A God – The Hyssongs
#54 – No Longer Slaves – Battle Cry Music Ministries

# 25 – There Is A God – The Hyssongs
#47 – Hand On The Plow – Troy Burns Family
#66 – No Longer Saves – Battle Cry Music Ministries
#79 – Starboard Side – Judith Montgomery Family
#4 – There Is A God – The Hyssongs
#21 – Lord Send Me A Mountain –  ThePorterFamily 
#23 – I Want To Say Thank You – Troy Burns Family
#35 – The Perfect Storm – Jordan Amburn & Adoration  
#37 – Stand And Fight On Your Knees – Ordained
#54 – Never Be The Same – Purpose
#70 – A Greater Healing – Melissa Evans
#77 – He Holds Everything – Concert – Michael Wayne Smith
#79 – Oh The Lord Has Been So Good To Me – Denny Jolly Music
#82 – He Made A Way – The Chandlers

#58 – Freedom Of An Eagle – The Edwards Family
#73 – God Is Great – The Brad Davis Family
#84 – Fearfully And Wonderfully Made – The Journeys
#88 – Too Big To Miss – Alan Frink

Chapel Valley was established in January 1996 as Church House Studios in Middlesboro, Kentucky by Travis and Shane Roark. In 2005, the studio relocated to its present location in Sharps Chapel, Tennessee and was renamed Chapel Valley. The Roark brothers, who have been in the music ministry for more than 30 years, realized the importance of a good quality project. Investing their professional lives into their clients, success soon followed. After 13 years, in 2009, Chapel Valley’s client list began to grow at a rapid rate. It became known as the fastest-growing record company in Gospel music. Now, with dozens of clients, Chapel Valley continues to help each artist reach their full potential in the ministry.

Chapel Valley has built and maintained an outstanding reputation for aiding new artists in the development of a new ministry while helping established artists maintain and improve their existing careers. A full-service record company, Chapel Valley offers recording services, marketing, radio promotions, video production, radio promotion, limited artist management, and in-house duplication. All of this allows the artist to concentrate on the most important aspect of their ministry – spreading the Gospel. Chapel Valley provides the quality of Nashville, with a family atmosphere that is unmatched. Our staff has the management, leadership, and experience to make sure each artist has everything needed for success. Allow Chapel Valley to take you to the next level of the recording experience.


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