Cross Pointe

Cross Pointe Marketing PicCross Pointe made up of Debbie Wright, Conda Barlow, and Bill Pitts have been singing together since March of 2009 and desire to reach as many people as they can with songs of hope and encouragement.

Debbie who has been a music teacher for many years and has dedicated her whole life to music. Her first love is singing about Christ and her relationship to Him.

Conda comes from a family that “loves” Southern Gospel Music. She works professionally as a nurse with a special caring heart. That same caring passion comes across in her singing.

Bill sang tenor in his four-part harmony family quartet until he started traveling at the age 14 with southern gospel singing groups. Bill loves to preach, sing, arrange harmonies, and write songs.
In a world of hopelessness, they bring a message of hope. In a world of darkness, they want to deliver the light. In a world of uncertainty, they want to share stability in the name of Jesus.
Cross Pointe won a Bronze People’s Telly Award last year for their concept music video of “All My Tears”!
Cross Pointe has a heart for the ministry and continually works on their mission to bring great Gospel music to churches, concerts, and into the homes of listeners!

They are members of the United States Association Of Gospel Entertainers & Musicians in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cross Pointe has a distinct style and known for their tight harmonies and their enjoyment of singing to a crowd.